cat bowl stand 2019
cat bowl stand 2019
cat bowl stand 2019

ViviPet Designed | Mykonos Elevated Feeder - Black

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Our Mykonos Elevated Feeder is a dining table designed to prevent whiskers and stomach stress. This beautifully handcrafted feeder comes equipped with two bowls and tilted 15 degrees to reduce food falling out.


  PROMOTES HEALTHY EATING: elevated for maximum comfort when eating / drinking. Cats are natural "crouch" eaters and do not like to eat in a standing position.

  SAFE & MODERN DESIGN: The curvature or the bowl is designed to reduce stress for your cat.

  MEASUREMENTS: 18 "x 8" x 5.5 "

  MATERIALS: Wood, Ceramic

  COLOR: Includes set of 2 bowls and tray with a choice of colors. If requesting a black cat tray, please leave a note before checkout!

  BONUS: Cat Glass Tray that can be used as a pack of free cat grass