Our Story

 Vivipet was born from one pet owner's heartbreak at the loss of their beloved kitty. When Vivi's little one passed of Feline Infectious Peritonitis disease, she was devastated. However, it was through that shattering loss that Vivi found her calling and made the important decision to support FIP research by becoming part of the pet industry. Although ViviPet is a small company, we donate more than 10% of our gross profit to organizations like ZenByCat to support FIP research.

  Vivi now is the mother of three adopted cats and one dog. Looking at the healthy growth of these little fur-balls, she is more determined that help finding a cure for FIP is her lifetime goal.

  "I'd never want to see any other cats experiencing the pain Tax went through. I want this horrible disease cured before it takes the lives of many other cats." - Vivi Wu